Monday, January 12, 2009


Well here we are, a few days into '09 and things seem to be OK. The world hasn't ended and the sun is still shining. The stock market is still a bust, but what else is new..
I was writing this from a coffee shop last night, but I was delayed so I am writing from my room (just before dinner).
Today was my first day of classes in my antepenultimate year of college (note a word worthy of my BS degree). It was exciting, something about learning new things and meeting new people... It never really gets old for me. Tomorrow I will have more new classes to go to, but after that it will just be the routine. This year I am taking "US History After WWII" which, I think, will prove to be interesting. Also "Quantitative Literacy", which is college for math. Those are my general education classes for the semester. My major classes include Acting (mandatory for my degree, I'll make the best of it), Technical Theater Practicum (technical stuff that is my favorite - I will most likely explain how media servers and other technical gadgets work to my peers for some of the class), Stage Costume Practicum (basically sewing and costume stuff- its a fun class, also mandatory for my degree), and finally Stage Makeup. Also as an "experiential learning" class I will be technical director for the show "Stage Blood" later on in the spring.
As far as work goes, I'm an RA - which entails that I have a floor of students that I build a community with and also, when appropriate, police. The RA job entails many hours, being on duty and covering the entire building, making sure that the residents are getting what they need to out of college... It is a huge responsibility. Other work that I am doing: I work for the Office of Information Technology as a technician, and the Theater Department as the Master Electrician. Occasionally I will work a show or a basketball game for Hulman Center (I run a camera, look for me on TV!)
Well for now I am going to get dinner, if I say everything now what will I have to talk about later..