Friday, November 28, 2008

From Manhattan

I'm sitting in a starbucks in the financial district of New York city. I have been strolling along the waterfront through battery park listening to my iPod. It's not too cold and the skies are pretty clear, it's a lot to take in.
I was taking with my good friend Tresa from Chicago about how sometimes you need a reset. Life gets complicated, life gets tough, and guess what - it doesn't stop. Everyone needs that big red button in their life that wipes out where you have been and what you were doing so you can refocus and "get a grip" as it were....
Being here is my own little reset. NYC is a place that is full of everything. History happened here. There are lots of things in this city that represent our nation, objects that are loaded with more meaning than than just the metals and concrete that make them up. For example the Statue of Libery. Yeah it's a tourist trap, but it represents something more than what it is made of. It represents Liberty. Liberty means personal freedom from oppression, servitude, and confinement. It's a beacon of hope that stands through the weather - true and strong reminding those who look to her that we live in a place that was formed for the people and by the people. It gives me a sense of pride and joy when I think about that.
Among all the terrible and dark things that are going on these days we still have a beacon of hope and the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now, after that long diatribe I am going to pick up shop and revel in the fact that I am in a beautiful city and enjoy it while I can.

I took some good photos of the World Financial building and along the waterfront. While in the WFB I discovered a brilliant view of the WTC site. It's coming along, slowly but surely. It's amazing the work and effort that must go in to building a structure in the middle of New York. It surely isn't easy.

From the local starbucks here in the financial district at the corner of Broad and Bever streets, between two business women on my left, and on my right, undoubtobly a homeless man talking to the reflection of himself in the window - Happy Holidays and Goodnight!

New York

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Times Square

Uploading some pictures before getting some sleep... Word is that we have to get up early to get a good spot.... Hello 4 am.

The city is beautiful and there is definitely a sense of joy and excitement on the street. Walking through the areas where there will be live TV coverage there are crews setting up and such.. Nice to know my field of work isn't going anywhere!

Here are some pictures, more to come!

Departing for the big apple!

I'm just sitting here at the gate... Waiting to depart. The new Indy airport is stunning!
Pictures to come soon - stay posted!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Holiday Outlook

This holiday season is looking to be a good one. Starting off with Thanksgiving, I will be in New York City! It will be nice to see the holiday sights and sounds like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, as well as to catch up with some old friends and do some touristy things.

Then, moving into the heavy duty holidays: I will get to spend about 2.5 weeks at home with the family, which I have not been able to do since I left for college. During that time at home I have at least one or two excursions to Indianapolis to visit friends, which should be fun as well.

Then for the grand finale I will be heading back to New York (by car this time!) with two friends from college to meet up with our long time friend that now resides just outside the big apple. We all will spend a few days together and then watch the ball drop on 2009!

Since I have been to college I have forged many strong friendships with really great people. And likewise I have built stronger relationships with family that, in years past, havn't been as strong as it should.

It is going to be great to see and spend time with all of these wonderful people and celebrate a years worth of pain, suffering, economic failure, hard work, perseverance, academia, healing, joy, fun times, ridiculous times, hard times, and most of all: our love for each other.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The color is fading

Walking back to my place after working in the theatre was very depressing.
Crows flying above me, "cawing" loudly. The color seems to have been drained from everything living. The overcast sky doesn't help the color scheme much either. As I was walking I couldn't help but think things looked a little "Poe-ish".
Fall was beautiful but it seems to have gone away and we are left with cold, wet, and rain.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the opening statement

Being in college is all about change: People change around you, the way you think changes, and you change. While you are in the collegiate scene you have to opportunity to learn from professors, administrators, coworkers, and friends. The best part is, you are shielded from some of the pains of the real world. So take time to learn, love, and live.

That said, being in the downhill run of my undergraduate career has brought about the opportunity to look back and see where I have been, how I have changed, and also look ahead to where I want to go. It's a good place to be for now.

So to sum up all this:
Life is going to change, get accustomed to it - embrace it.

And if you read closely enough between the lines you will also see that the point of me keeping this blog is to document the change I experience.. and to record some of the incredible and interesting things that I observe along the way.