Thursday, July 30, 2009

just to catch you up..

It's been a while since I have blogged so I though it would be a good time for an update:

1. ISU Summer Stage (most discouraging, upsetting, painful, and so on)
In a nutshell, I did not finish my summer at crossroads rep due to the fact that one of my professors can not control his temper and emotions. After an incident that ended up in me working my way up the chain of command at ISU to get someone to look into this situation to help deal with the hostility and blatant berating of students in a pubic setting, I was met with something most surprising. I was told that my contract would not be renewed for the rest of the summer and that I should pack my things. The most upsetting thing was that other professors, administrators, and coworkers knew what was going on and chose not to take sides. I was told several times that I was right, and I did the right thing, however I was still the one that was let go. People within the company had said "do not answer your phone when anyone calls for questions or help". And so that is what I did.

Basically what this meant was that I had a few extra weeks at the end of my summer and did not have to put up with the horribly unstable working environment that is allowed to exist within a collegiate setting.

2. Quick trip to Pittsburgh, PA
After the end of my CRT contact my friends convinced me that it would be a good idea to take a short road trip to the east. (Mostly because my friend Clarissa was hoping to see her boyfriend, a Rose-Hulman student that is working on scientific research in New Hampshire) It was a great trip and we got to see lots of the downtown area, the parks, and the waterfront. Its a cool place. I also learned the responsibilities of showing friends new things (Jordan).

3. New York City
NYC was a breath of fresh air, even though it was not the best weather. We made our way through the massive island of manhattan and saw the sights and heard the sounds of the big city. I took lots of photos (as documented on It was a time to get to know newer friends, share with good friends, as well as reminisce with old ones.

4. Cleveland, OH: 48 hour film
My friend Ace from college that moved to cleveland after she graduated is involved in a startup production company. The production company erie lake pictures registered for a 48 hour film competition, which is-like it sounds, making a movie in 48 hours. The film had to be at maximum 7 minutes, which was somewhat difficult to narrow down our footage given the story. Anyways, it was great fun. Lots of coffee and energy drinks and very little sleep. We did get the movie wrapped on time; many of the teams don't make it back, or within the deadline. It was worth it to go down and see old friends and also to make some new ones. It is also a great resume builder.

5. Senior Year (finally)
I am about three weeks out from starting my final year of undergrad!!!! I have never been this excited about starting school, mostly because this is the beginning of the end of my academic career and the beginning of the rest of my life..
This year (as I have been planning) I have some excellent things lined up:
Classes (good ones, ones that I actually am looking forward to..)
Work (Production Company, Office of IT, possibly ISU's Office of Marketing & Comm, and developing MitchelHall Productions)
VP of Pi Kappa Alpha (vicepres of ISU's biggest fraternity)
SGA director of public relations
Some Excellent Road Trips!!! (so far plans for NYC, Florida, & DC)

So there you have it. This is my summer and near future in a nut shell!

Ill see you when I see you...

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so excited love that you are considering coming to florida with us! miss you much too much! hugs, stacey ;)