Sunday, September 20, 2009

a trend in my blogs

I have a tendency to start my blogs with "its been a while since I have done a blog". I am not going to promise that it wont happen again, but I'm going to make an effort.

I am a month and a half through my senior year of college. (fyi: my advisor confirmed that as long as I do not fail a class that I will graduate on time, THAT IS IN AND OUT IN 4 YEARS!) I am glad that I can see the end. As much as I love my time here I am so ready to get out and see the world. Most of my family sees me from a point of view that I am bound and determined to jet all over the country while I am in college, but its kind of dismal to return to ISU after being in New York, most especially after talking to a potential job connection or looking at a grad school. I have nothing against ISU at all, its just that I am an impatient person. I see what is out there, and I see possibility but I also know that I have to finish jumping through hoops to get my degree.

That aside, I am ok with classes and such. My workload is beginning to balance out between IT, SGA, Hulman Center, and the other random things that I have going on. I have some plans for projects that I want to do before I graduate. One of them being a demonstration of technology in an entertainment environment. I have high hopes for that. I want to invite all my friends so they can see "what I do". Its really difficult to explain what/why/how I work.

Well for now I have to go and do other things. Just wanted to let you know I am alive and will be coming up with new things to blog about.. I knew you were worried : )

Thought for the day: Carpe Diem

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Mr. Harmless said...

Wow. You're doing better than my graduate in 10 years plan.