Monday, September 21, 2009

A decent quote of mine in The Statesman

SGA aims to increase ISU apparel

Students asked to wear blue on Fridays, trade in clothing from other colleges

By: Rachel Leshinsky

Posted: 9/21/09

At colleges around America, students can be spotted in clothing that shows their school spirit.

However, at ISU, the student government feels that there is not enough support from students across campus. In order to encourage students to wear more ISU-related apparel, SGA has designed a new program they hope will inspire them.

SGA president Michael Scott Jr. said that ISU has paired with Universitees, a clothing retail store, in order to provide vouchers to students who turn in their T-shirts affiliated with other institutions for one associated with ISU. The other option that the program offers is for SGA to provide free ISU shirts into students' hands.

"We hope to launch the project in early October," said Scott. "Hopefully, students will buy into the concept of Spirit Day Fridays, as we will also have some incentives for wearing ISU gear."

Not only does the SGA board hope to motivate students through incentives, they will also ask faculty and staff to wear ISU-related clothing on Fridays in order to inspire school spirit around campus.

"SGA would like to help set a trend for the ISU community," said Mitchel Lathrop, Director of Public Relations for SGA. "I think that trading in your IU or Purdue shirt for an ISU shirt is an interesting way to get our apparel and branding out."

Students seem to be receptive to this new program, and feel it is a good idea.

"I think this program will make it easier for students to get ISU shirts," said freshman Jenna Stinson, a music education major. "Some students are on strict budgets, some haven't been able to buy them, and I believe the vouchers will help."

ISU intends to have school spirit beaming from every corner of the campus due to SGA efforts. Scott believes that this initiative will build a stronger connection and pride within the institution.
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